Who is behind the Salute brand?

We are a 'normal' military family. We say this loosely, as what’s normal these days? Not a year has gone by for us without some kind of RAF hiccup; detachment, postings or mid-posting house moves, but we are not alone & most of you reading this will have similar experiences to share.

Not all Training & Recruitment Agencies understand how serving in the UK Armed Forces impacts upon the whole family. We wanted to help other families in similar circumstances to that of our own, we understand the lifestyle & hence the Salute brand was born.

At times of testing, when you wake to tackle another day of juggling childcare whilst miles away from your familiar support network & head out before daylight to another day at the office (civilian or military)- there comes a point when you just ask: “What’s the point?” We established Salute because this is the point we arrived at. Juggling two children & both working full time, we knew something had to give; if we were at this point, how many others were sitting in their quarters feeling the same way?

So if you're looking to develop your professional development before you leave the Forces, a spouse looking to return to the workplace or a Veteran looking to deliver Life Skills to the next generation, get in touch. Your next step is the most important one. 

Gav Summers

Nicky Summers

My RAF career started after a good old dose of civilian working life as a manager for a large security company, however, I just didn’t feel fulfilled.

Fast forward several years, three tours & numerous postings later, we find ourselves carefully trying to balance being full time working parents & being career driven, at the same time: not an easy task.

Now, after 10 years of serving my country, it’s time to serve not only the other families like our own, but to help the civilian world to become a part of our military community. 

I trained as a Primary Teacher & have been working in Education for the past 10 years. I love my job & I’m good at it, but it must come in third place. I have a young family & a serving husband. 

Our Salute brand has been built up over the last few years between our postings; establishing strong links & building our reputation for having a ‘personal’ approach.

We are passionate about supporting the community that we are apart of. It is important to us to ensure that we are using our skills & experiences to make effective & meaningful links between the UK Armed Forces & the civilian workplace.